Activities in Yaduvanshi Farm and Resort

The farm-hands will be more than happy to let you join the various farm activities.
Yaduvanshi Farm and Resort is where people come to rest, relax and rejuvenate their tired self. It is where they forget all their assignments and appointments on the horizon. It offers solitude to the people seeking peace and tranquility. It is a getaway from the traffic, congestion, crowd and commotion of big metropolis. Come an Enjoy Day Picnics, Evening Parties, Adventure, Camping, Training & Conferences.

Facilities in Farm


We try to help the team learn about each other how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun. Games included Tug of War, Tambola, Passthe Ring, Musical Chair & Pass the ball.


Straight forward rustic games like the energetic Pitthu, Gilli Danda, Cricket, Football, Volley Ball & Badminton. or Table Tennis, Ludo, Chess& Carom. Horse and camel Riding is also available.

Swimming Pool

Relax in Guitar Shape pool, get a surge of adrenaline on an Adventure course, go for a guided home grown stroll or part take in country action like draining a bovine.

About Us
Our History
Mission & Vision

A walk into the farm house is like walking down the memory lane to your childhood. There is more nature than concrete. Here you can relive the sensation of yesteryears with your friends and family. The facilities available at the farm would reminisce your golden period that is childhood when you were allowed to do naughty things.

See your kids playing in natural setting but under the watchful eyes. There are many things to do bird feeding, pool activities, day outing and horse riding and you can enjoy these activities with your family, friends and colleagues.
At Yaduvanshi Farm and Resort, you will get acquainted with our rich culture, traditional food and life in rural India. Living in the farm would be a unique experience for you, your family and friends. Also, we continue to explore more activities for our guests. Our objective is to provide a place that is as close to nature as possible.



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Close to Nature

Wakeup to the chirping of birds and enjoy your day doing amazing things with mud and grass at Yaduvanshi Farm and Resort. The slow pace of life would provide immense time to indulge. Also, you will get support of our professional executives that understand needs and are fully-trained and well-equipped to support guests of all age groups.